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"Book Of Life Is The First Movie To Honor—Not Steal From—Day Of The Dead"

”[Book of Life director Jorge] Gutierrez notes that a lot of people adopt the trappings of Day of the Dead (and he doesn’t appear to take issue with folks who simply enjoy the images associated with the holiday), but they often ignore the spirit of the holiday, which is particularly close to his heart. “I got married on day of the dead because I wanted my best friend who passed away to be my best man and I wanted my family to be there…

"Here’s [an excerpt from] the official synopsis:

"The story focuses on the romantic, strong-jawed Manolo, who has big problems besides the growing competition with his best friend. Manolo dreams of breaking away from his family’s rich history of bullfighting to play the guitar, much to the dismay of his father, the world’s greatest matador (Hector Elizondo) and super-macho grandfather (Danny Trejo).

"This journey takes him from the Land of the Living to the Land of the Remembered, where people who have lived complete lives, and are remembered among the living, go after they die. A final, daunting destination is The Land of the Forgotten, where those who have died with unfulfilled lives dwell."

(Text Source: io9, Video Source: YouTube)

Well, this looks like quite a treat. I live in a cave, so I’d actually never heard of it until now. Unfortunately, I don’t know terribly much about Día de los Muertos either, but this has inspired me to do a little research.

Click here to read the main article, by Lauren Davis. The synopsis is from an earlier article by Meredith Woerner that can be found here.

"How Would Christianity Deal with Extraterrestrial Life?"

"[Intellectual Robert Lawrence] Kuhn, having heard multiple views, says there are only six possibilities for Christian salvation in the context of sentient life beyond Earth:

"1. Jesus’ death and resurrection on Earth covers all beings on all worlds and at all times.

"2. Jesus goes through a similar process of life, death, and resurrection on innumerable planets to save innumerable beings and creatures.

"3. Human beings, as galactic missionaries, will ultimately colonize the universe and spread the Word of God to heathen ETs.

"4. There are other mechanisms to attain salvation on other planets.

"5. Salvation is not offered to other beings and creatures on other planets.

"6. There are no other sentient beings on other planets anywhere; humans are utterly unique."

(Source: io9)

I often steer clear of this type of article because the internet seems to so frequently bring out the obnoxious and intolerant in people. This article seems respectful for the most part, though. I’m no longer a man of faith myself, but I think religion serves a purpose, and people are entitled to their beliefs.

Click here to read the full article.

My doctor just told me he wants me to gain 10 pounds. I take that as permission to go binge on vegan donuts and cookies from Whole Foods. Doctor’s orders.

(Though, he also told me to grope myself in the shower, because I’m in the peak age group for testicular cancer. So, yeah — he might just be some kind of an enabler…)

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