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Woman ‘Lives by Hormones’ for a Month, Achieves Perfection”

"In a piece over at the Telegraph called "Sex, Spots and Career Satisfaction: A month living by my hormones changed everything," we learn that reporter Beverly Turner tried out something called the "Hormone Horoscope" for a month, which promises that, by following it, "you can predict what your day will be like based solely on where you are in your monthly menstrual cycle…"

"…oestrogen climbs toward its peak in week two…We become less inhibited and more impulsive…Drunk on our own invincibility and sexuality…

"…I use it to my advantage and turn on the charm. The guy in the coffee shop gives me a free muffin, the car mechanic offers to pump my tyres (not a euphemism) and my husband thinks I’m fabulous. Sex is never better than during week two…"

"Elsewhere, she savors chocolate more thoroughly once she discovers it won’t taste so great during weeks outside of week one, thanks to rising estrogen. She schedules a job interview during week two, when she’s told she’ll be more smiley and confident…And since she’s anticipating ovulation by tracking her cycle, and she knows she’s the sort who feels actual pain during ovulation, she can take some painkillers and chill to reduce it before it even strikes this time around."

(Source: Telegraph via Jezebel via io9)

Well…that’s novel. It’s new to me, at least, but what do I know..?

Click here to read the full piece.

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