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"Why Twisted Fairy Tales Are The Kind We Deserve"

"Poison author Sarah Pinborough argues that fairy tales should be subversive.

"Basically, the message of traditional fairy tales is, ‘As long as you’re young and beautiful and sickly sweet, if you’re lucky enough a rich man will come along and take you for his own. But Jesus, don’t get old, lose your looks, and want your own power. That just makes you a wicked witch or bitter, like all those poor girls born ugly.’ Or to sum up, ‘Just be a good girl’…

"So, is there a place for fairy tales in our modern, confusing world? Yes, I think there is. Just like there’s a place for feminism and romance. I’m a feminist and a romantic. I still have moments of yearning for some handsome man to come and sweep me off my feet. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with fairy tales - you just have to change their inherent message."

(Source: io9)

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There’s also something to be said, of course, about the heteronormativity of fairy tales, and the messages they send to children who are (or will someday be) dealing with issues or sexual and gender identity. If there are fairy tales out there for us, I haven’t found them yet.

"Will it bend? iPhone 6 takes a turn for the worse"

"Photos have begun appearing online showing distinctly bent aluminium devices, with complaints that the new iterations of the iPhone, which feature a thinner and larger aluminium body, are unable to stand up to the wear and tear of staying in a pocket."

(Source: CNET)

Yikes! A design flaw unnoticed during production? Or have they just started selling us a product of poorer quality now that we’re all hooked…like all the best cocaine dealers do.

(Nobody with any real experience with cocaine actually calls it “cocaine,” do they..?)

"Tylenol Changed the Consumer Product Industry in 1982"

"In 1982, seven people died in the Chicago area due to an unknown mal-inteded person replacing Johnson & Johnson Tylenol tablets with cyanide tablets. This was an extremely big deal and it completely changed the world in a few different ways…

"J&J immediately…utilized the media to perform a mass recall of all Tylenol in the greater Chicago area, set up an emergency phone number for concerned people to contact and appeared on numerous television programs both local and national to address the issue…

"They had just developed an ideal response to an emergency crisis that is still followed by PR divisions in companies around the world today. The more recognizable change was the application of product safety labels. J&J included a glued packaging box, a heat-shrinked plastic wrap over the neck and cap of the bottle and a foil seal underneath the cap of the bottle."

(Source: io9)

Always fun to learn how things that one takes for granted, like those tamper-proof seals, actually had quite an interesting origin story. Of course, the most interesting part is probably the psychology of the person who put the cyanide capsules in the bottles…

To read the full article, click here).

(Image Source:

Those of you who have been hanging around this bandersnatch circus for awhile might know that Ally McBeal is my all-time favorite TV series. Lisa Nicole Carson’s Renee Radick was one of my favorite characters. The rumor-mill has churned out all sorts of explanations for why Lisa Nicole Carson has been MIA since then, but the one thing that’s certain is that it’s been everyone’s loss.

I finally got around to watching the Harry’s Law series finale, where Renee returns as a judge. It was great to see Lisa Nicole Carson looking as fabulous as ever. Here’s hoping we get to see more of her presence gracing the screen.

"In This Stylish Short Film, Two Lovers Reunite In A Future Antarctica"

"In a future where Antarctica is one of the last habitable places on Earth, Hebe and Ciro have just gotten back together. She’s eager to settle back into their love life, but Ciro feels disconnected from his own identity and he can’t quite figure out why…

"Miguel de Olaso and Bruno Zacarías, known as Zac&Mac, directed Similo, hoping to pair science fiction with a sense of human realism.”

(Source: Vimeo via io9)

Beautiful film. If you’re sensitive about nudity and sex, though…watch out and stuff. Same goes for if subtitles offend you, but I’ve heard that’s a thing…


I’m starting a new project and would love your input. Two questions:

1. If there were an actual door somewhere in the world that led to the inside of your heart, where would that door be?

2. If you opened it, what would the inside look like?

1. In the side of a mountain. A fortress, guarded by dragons, will have been constructed around it.

2. An endless sea of pure white light.

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