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"How Would Christianity Deal with Extraterrestrial Life?"

"[Intellectual Robert Lawrence] Kuhn, having heard multiple views, says there are only six possibilities for Christian salvation in the context of sentient life beyond Earth:

"1. Jesus’ death and resurrection on Earth covers all beings on all worlds and at all times.

"2. Jesus goes through a similar process of life, death, and resurrection on innumerable planets to save innumerable beings and creatures.

"3. Human beings, as galactic missionaries, will ultimately colonize the universe and spread the Word of God to heathen ETs.

"4. There are other mechanisms to attain salvation on other planets.

"5. Salvation is not offered to other beings and creatures on other planets.

"6. There are no other sentient beings on other planets anywhere; humans are utterly unique."

(Source: io9)

I often steer clear of this type of article because the internet seems to so frequently bring out the obnoxious and intolerant in people. This article seems respectful for the most part, though. I’m no longer a man of faith myself, but I think religion serves a purpose, and people are entitled to their beliefs.

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